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What is StrikeHold?

StrikeHold on Channel 7 Australia TV show “The Great Australian Doorstep”

StrikeHold® is a fast-acting, penetrating compound that cuts through dirt, rust and corrosion, quickly getting into metal parts that have become frozen or encrusted. StrikeHold® provides a long-lasting dry lubricant, which reduces friction. Helps dry out wet electrical gears and other water-sensitive parts, and will actually improve electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts including circuitry and connections. StrikeHold® protects by providing a shield-like film against the effects of moisture and corrosion, even against saltwater, while repelling sand, dirt and dust.

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“All of our SWAT team guys continue to use your product and everyone is really satisfied with the spraying fact it’s getting to where everybody has to keep their can locked up or someone will walk away with it!…

Whenever we do training with other agencies we tell them about Strike Hold and how it is a product that actually works unlike some of the other stuff out there on the market.”

SGT. King

State of Georgia SWAT

“We have used StrikeHold for over 12 months now and we are very happy with the results.

My technicians refer to it as “magic spray” because of its excellent properties. We have used this product on equipment that is exposed to extreme environments and found them to perform better than untreated equipment.

We coat most outdoor accessories in StrikeHold as we believe it increases product longevity and contributes to our companies [sic] high standard”

David Symons - Managing Director

DASH Electronic Security | Electrical | Data | Automation | Marina Management

Gold Coast and Brisbane, Australia

“Lextar has used StrikeHold on its completed Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) for several years.

We specifically use StrikeHold on PCBAs which are to be installed in harsh environments, those that may be exposed to condensation and/or are installed externally.

StrikeHold provides us with the confidence of added moisture and corrosion protection while improving the reliability of our products.”

Tony Flint Managing Director

Lextar Mobile CCTV - Murarrie, QLD, Australia

“I asked what StrikeHold was at my local gun store. I trust all of their opinions implicitly, so what he said was “Only the greatest thing ever! We even used it on the full autos, including the machine guns.”

I immediately bought a bottle and tried it on my carry gun. Just perfect.

I went back today and got the giant sized spray bottle for guns and other, larger applications. Such a great product!”


USA customer on Facebook

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